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Oh dear. Now I need a business plan

So, a few month ago, with three hours left until the registration deadline, I decided to sign up for my town’s Open Studios weekend. I’ve been making these little Waldorf-y flower fairies and gnomes for a while, mostly for The Child, and several people said I should sell them. Well, when the Open Studios thing happened, I said, “What the heck,” and signed up.

I went in with my dear friend W., who is an amazing photographer. I was a little worried that my crafty little fairies would be too twee and kitschy for the high art that is Open Studios, and figured that her astounding images would detract from the smallness and craftiness (as opposed to artiness) of my offerings. Plus, you know, someone to hang out with.

Well, W’s life had a nuclear meltdown recently and when Open Studios happened this weekend, I was going solo. I didn’t mind at all, though I was torn between “I’m going to sell out!” (because I didn’t have very many fairies — about 10 family sets ranging from 2 to 7 members) and “Oh my gods, no one is gong to buy anything!”

Well, I was leaning heavily towards the latter by the end of Saturday when I hadn’t sold but two and those to friends. I’m not so proud I won’t take pity purchases, but I was anxious.

Then Sunday (and free parking!) rolled around and the kids were out. And I sold several pieces. I also got a lot of enthusiasm — mostly little girls, but at least two or three adults who sounded serious when they took my card to say they wanted more. By the end of it, I made more than the cost of entry (i.e., the registration fee, the balloons, the cookies, and the business cards.)

I hadn’t kept track of anything like materials or time because, frankly, this was a hobby that I was selling, not anything resembling a real business.

Then I got not one but two emails asking for custom work. The second guy just dropped by to buy a whole family set for $70!

Suddenly, I think I need to start keeping track of things more seriously.

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  1. elcynae
    May 10, 2009 at 2:28 am

    Oh, that’s awesome! I can never tell what people will buy, but those dolls are wonderful. I’m glad Open Studios went well for you. 🙂

  2. May 11, 2009 at 2:39 pm


    this is a tough business, but when you hit, you hit!

    professional advice: keep track of everything! material costs AND peripheral costs. not just fabric, yarn, cotton batting, but mileage, cookie dough, cups, napkins, tolls, thread, paper, envelopes, stamps/postage.

    i’m a tax accountant. you will need that info if you have to file a schedule c or c-ez.

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