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I know I spelled that sixteen kindsa wrong but I’m just tired and cranky right now.

I’m a local LJ for my town and someone wrote in that she was looking for a local source of organic cotton stuffing. Every time someone answered that so-and-so might have it, she’d respond that she wanted to know FOR SURE because she didn’t have a phone and didn’t want to actually go there until she know FOR SURE that they had it. She would amend each insistence with a 🙂 but it was apparent that she was getting annoyed. (mind you, she hadn’t actually articulated the no phone/wanting to not travel thing in her original question.)

Since what she wasn’t is pretty much unavailable — and it was rapidly becoming apparent that that was the case — I thought I saw a solution. I know a place way out of town that sells organic local wool — perfect for stuffing things, which is what she said she was going to do with it. I knew it was beyond her reach, since she didn’t have a car, but offered to pick some up for her and even use my discount to get it cheaper. I’d meet her somewhere convenient to make her life easier.

She wrote back “Yeah, I want cotton. If I’d wanted wool, I would have asked for wool.”

Annoyed by the lack of manners, I replied with a (I thought mild) snerk “You’re welcome for the offer, anyway.”

Her response was “Yeah, thanks for wasting my time, anyway.”

I was annoyed, pissed, whatever. I’d gone out of my way to make a gesture of kindness and was impolite. I decided to not make an issue out of it.

When I popped back onto the LJ to make sure I was getting my quotes right for this small whine, I found a HUGE thread from other people telling this woman was a complete bitch she was for treating me like that. She griped and complained and said that I was pushing something she didn’t want on her like a used car salesman etc etc but mostly people took her to task for her rudeness and her attitude.

It made me feel a little good to have someone else stand up to the rude person.

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