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I want my brainspace back!

Yesterday, I had a little sewing to do in the afternoon. Usually I do handsewing in the evening when I watch TV for the simple reason that sewing is mind-numbingly boring and it’s better to have something else to occupy your brain.

Of course, since I had to have this done by 5 I couldn’t wait and there’s nothing on the TV at 2 in the afternoon. So I turned on Hulu.com and flipped through shows until… WAIT, hey, it’s Remington Steele!

When I was a kid I was madly and passionately in love with Remington Steele. I was about 10 or 11 and just totally addicted. It was the first time I felt that slightly stalkery feeling of pre-teen obsession.

Well, of course, I turned on a totally random episode — the first of the third season. And… wow. I remembered it! I remembered that the inspector was the bad guy and that his matches would give it away, that his boss drove the killer red car, that Laura would distract the playboy by making out with him…. I even remembered the closing scene with the fireworks!

Stunned, I clicked on the next episode and… I remembered that, too! The dweeby little guy with the beret isn’t an artist but a stock analyst. (And hey! The dweeby little guy is played by Armin Shimerman!) I even remember the wacky hats during the “disguise ourselves as a bum” scene.

How the hell can I remember that? I can’t remember when the fire alarm guys are coming. I can’t remember my BFF’s fucking phone number. I forget to send thank you notes and birthday cards. But by god I remember the plot twists to bad TV thrillers that I haven’t seen in 25 years.

If only I could shake that information out, I’d have room for important things. Like when we’re about to run out of kitty litter.

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