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I just discovered my price…. I’m expensive

One of my favorite mom blogs — Pagan Soccer Mom — had an interesting post today. Apparently, there’s a television show called “Wife Swap.” (No, really. I looked it up. This is really a TV show!) She was invited to participate.

What’s more, she was offer $20,000 if the show aired.

The premise of the show (thank god for Wikipedia), is that two very different wives swap places for two weeks. Much drama ensues.

I can only imagine what kind of person they would have swap with a pagan mom. Probably a very deeply religious Christian.

And, here’s the catch, you only get the cash if the show airs. And I suspect that there’s a producer running the show who is egging you on to indulge in histrionics and wretched excess to make sure you get your show on the air and get your cash.

Mrs. B. (the pagan soccer mom) thought long and hard about the offer. Who couldn’t use a cool $20 grand? That’s an entire year of Kindergarten and part of First Grade at the local Waldorf school that I really really really want to send The Child to. That’s a non-trivial chunk off our mortgage. That’s … a lot of cash. And I think Mrs. B lives somewhere in the US where $20K is worth even more than it’s worth in uber-expensive metro Boston.

But Mrs. B decided against it. She is a remarkable woman and has three remarkable kids and her whole reasoning is about the kids.

I thought about it and decided I couldn’t do it, either. My reasoning is somewhat less high-minded than hers. Of course I would have trouble leaving my daughter int he hands of any stranger, much less a Bible-thumping Christian. (I’m only assuming that the other mom would be a thumper because of how these reality shows are run. I have had dear friends who were devout Christians who didn’t thump Bibles.) I know that The Child would survive a week or two exposed to values that I don’t like, but I still don’t want to put her through that trauma.

But I would also say no because I don’t want to be on TV. I don’t want the whole world looking up my maternal skirt. I’m not very public about my personal beliefs and Mrs. B is really out about hers, so that’s less of an issue for her, but I still would have a big problem with the glare of the spotlight, especially a spotlight that is going to be unflattering by design.

Would I be a better mom if I were willing to be crucified on TV for the giant chunk of cash that would improve my daughter’s life? Or am I the better mom for not selling my family out for $20k? I like to think that latter.

But I have to wonder if my tune would change at $50K? $100K? How much would be enough? What’s my price?

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  1. elcynae
    June 11, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    I’d do it for $20k. I think. But I wouldn’t do it for maybe-$20k-if-you-make-a-good-enough-spectacle. I’d have to talk it over with my husband, make sure he was willing to put in the extra effort to counteract my replacement. And it’d have to be in a couple years, when I wasn’t needed for nursing. But mainly, I just think it’s a scam. Get people to do your TV show for free, til you find a really good one. Especially because everything about my personality is exactly what I assume they don’t want for the show. 😉

  2. aguane
    June 11, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    see the goal is to be the ‘stable’ person and let the other person be the whackjob in order to be “good enough” for tv. unfortunately that also means that there’s a whackjob watching your kids for a couple of weeks … i’m not sure it’s worth the trade off.

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