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I knew that “they” had to be wrong about this

The Child never crawled. She went from cruising at 7 months to walking at 13 months. I think she would have walked sooner but we lived in a teeny tiny eensey weensey apartment where she could get around the whole place by cruising. We’d been in our new apartment less than 3 weeks when she walked.

The whole time she was failing to crawl, my various critics kept telling me that crawling is linked to this or that developmental skill later in life. Reading, driving, cognitive ability, shoe size, I don’t even remember them all.

This all came, part and parcel, with the fact that I was carrying her too much. “You can put that baby down, you know,” I heard for the first year of her life, nearly non-stop. “You’re going to spoil her.” “She’s going to be clingy.” “She’s never going to learn to __________ on her own if you don’t put her down.”

Drove me up a wall but I ignored it and persisted. Attachment parenting made sense to me and part of that was holding/slinging/carrying her. If she didn’t want to crawl, I wasn’t going to force her.

Of course, she’s not clingy or whiny. She learned to walk and talk and function fine without me. On the first day of preschool, she ran off without a backwards glance.

The persistent crawling=reading thing has bugged me in my weaker moments, though. Until now.

A new study says it’s all bunk. I’m not sure I buy all their methodology, but in the end, I have trouble believing the experts when “they” say that “every child must” do this or that. Kids are all so different and there’s nothing at all wrong with The Child, so I say screw “them.”

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  1. July 1, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    I am in the same boat my little man has no desire to crawl and everyone keeps telling me to make him, I want to know how to do that.

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