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The Child is napping! Should I laugh or cry?

About a month ago, after months of struggling with napping, I decided it was time to abandon the nap. I know that 3 1/2 is early but she was fighting it so hard and it was becoming such a struggle to get her to sleep. I’d spend an hour and a half to get her to nap for the same amount of time.

She’d been skipping naps regularly anyway and I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Well, except the bedtime thing. Because she was so tired, I moved her bedtime up an hour. That meant that she was eating dinner at 4:30 so that she could have some time with Daddy during the pajama time ritual when he got home at 5:20. The ritual takes an hour or so so she was asleep at 6:30. It’s tough on all of us, though. The family meal time is really important to our little family and I missed having that hour with all three of us at the table, eating and talking.

(Not to mention I had to engineer two dinners for two different dinnertimes. I failed at that, entirely, btw.)

She did well the first week or two. Bedtime was blissfully much much shorter… she’d conk out right away. Then the crazy-ass visit with my folks fucked everything up. She slept for 15 hours one night. She started whining that she was tired at about noon. She’d conk out the minute we put her in a car. But all attempts at actual naps were met with screaming fights so I let it go.

(All of this, btw, and she’s waking up at 6 a.m. on the dot. No matter what. We’ve got sound machines and light-blocking shades and we tiptoe around the place while we get breakfast and … it’s like she’s got an alarm clock!)

This morning, she started whining she was tired. I hurried her home and tried to do a nap. She was squirmy and insisted on sitting up. Then she said she wanted quiet time, not a nap. Since her squirming had already managed to kick me somewhere delicate, I said sure. And then, after an hour of quiet time, she came out screaming and crying that she wanted a nap! Please could she have a nap!?

Figuring it was hopeless, I put her down. And she’s asleep! Wonder of wonders! I’m sure it won’t last long… she drank a lot of milk during rest time. But she’s asleep! Happy dance!

I’m sure bedtime will be a bitch tonight. Sigh.

  1. elcynae
    July 1, 2009 at 1:11 am

    Currently, I’m cuddling mine to sleep for every nap. If I don’t stay in the bed until she’s asleep, she doesn’t sleep. No matter what. She doesn’t need this at bedtime, she didn’t need it at naptime until the baby was born. She’s not fussy either… just doesn’t sleep. But I tried doing no naps. She’s not as demonstrative about being tired as yours is, but I ended up coming to the conclusion that this 15-30 minutes of lying with her is the only option. I’m just hoping she stops needing the daily 1.5 hour nap by September… preschool is in the afternoon.

    Don’t you love the ever-changing rules? How would we keep ourselves entertained? 🙂

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