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Running the numbers

So my neighbors are moving out today. Thanks to the miracle of the Interwebs, I know exactly how much they sold their place for. This is relevant because they are condo neighbors and own a house that is, essentially, identical to ours. So I know that if we sold our place RIGHT NOW, we could walk away with about $120K in cash after we paid off the mortgage.

In Boston, that doesn’t get you jack shit. I think you might be able to buy a parking spot down town for that. A crappy parking space.

But in Maine…. ah, in Maine, you can buy 65 acres for $37K. Add in a house from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, which will run you about $24K and you still have about $60K left over for stuff like installing solar panels, a composting toilet, a pen for chickens and goats and rabbits, a few beehives, some apple trees, a big garden, and a water turbine to generate some electricity.

Of course it’s a fantasy. If we were young and very healthy and childless, it would still be a risk. Health care/insurance is expensive, especially for a farmer. Winter is brutal in Maine. We’ve never farmed and farming is a risky proposition, especially without training.

But the fantasy is nice. No mortgage to pay. No food to buy. No electricity to pay for. If only there was a job where we could do that and get some regular cash coming in.

I gotta get my book published.

  1. July 21, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    published is only step one. getting it SOLD, making moneyon it, that is a totally different matter

  2. July 21, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    ps: unless it’s a self-help book or something you can sell at fairs/festivals/carnivals, don’t waste your money on self-publishing. you’ll spend hundreds perhaps thousands and likely will not recoup the outlay.

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