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Speaking of rules and breaking them….

I enrolled the Child in a “creative movement” dance class for the summer. I picked it because, frankly, it was cheap, easy to get to, and near a Starbucks. I figured it was something she could do once a week and I’d get to read a book and sip a Venti Passion Fruit Tea.

I was surprised by two things when I got there. One was that all the moms there were “dance moms.” They had investigated the local studios, does their research, had opinions on the style and method of dancing and teaching. I was a little stunned by this, though I can’t imagine why. One of my dear friends is a dance mom and did the same thing for her little girl. I guess I just figured that a summer class would be more laid-back than the serious dancers. (And yes, apparently three is about when you start getting your child involved in serious dancing if you’re a dance mom. Who knew? Well, J. knew but I didn’t ask her. More the fool me.)

The second then that I was stunned by was the difference between The Child and the other dancers. It was a class specifically for three year olds and I figured that it was perfect for The Child who is almost exactly 3 1/2.

Now, I know she’s big for her age and apparently very coordinated, but she towers over these girls. (All girls, alas.) And they all still have that roly-poly baby fat body with that toddlery side-to-side movement. I was really stunned. I had no idea that The Child was so far ahead of other three year olds.

I even asked J. (the dance mom) about it and she seemed a little surprised, too.

Well, as it turns out, no The Child isn’t that much more developed than other three-year-olds. Because this class is apparently populated almost entirely by… two-year-olds!

Event hough it says, explicitly, on the website and in the brochure, that there are different classes for each year — 2, 3, 4, and 5-6 — most of the girls in this class are two. And most of the girls in the four-year-old class are three. I found out when the teacher suggested I think about putting The Child in the Fours class and I said, “Well, she won’t be four until January…” and got this explanation that most of the kids in the three class had finished the two class and moved on. I was stunned.

All the other moms, waiting to pick up their little ones, were nodding like this made perfect sense. I was getting a little irritated and confused, frankly. Why the hell do they say one thing when it’s commonly assumed or known to be another?

It’s not a big deal, clearly. She’s having fun, it’s 45 minutes once a week, I don’t plan to keep her in dance past the end of August (ballet class scarred me as a child). But I’m just so frigging confused…. and a little annoyed.

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  1. C'tina
    July 30, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Like 2T clothes–as soon as a child turns 2, they will be too big for that 2T…oh and my 7 yo SON is the only BOY in his Beginning Jazz class…he dances with gusto! My ex-SEAL husband thinks it’s the best thing ever, bursts with pride, but whispers, “you’re going to make him a fairy”, lol, men!

  2. aguane
    July 31, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    knowing J, I would think that she could suggest a more laid back dance class / situation – she doesn’t seem like the typical dance mom (unless it’s a different J than the one I know, which it could be since that J is currently off being a wench in Pennsylvania).

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